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The documents below track the career of Capt. William L. Skliar from December 1961 through August 1966 during which time he resigned his commission in the Air Force for a CIA assignment flying the A-12 at Groom Lake, Nevada. In 1966 his resignation was revoked effective 1962 and he resumed his Air Force career as a Lieutenant Colonel flying the YF-12 and SR-71 at Edwards AFB, California.

5 Dec 61 Capt. Skliar authorized travel from Eglin AFB, FL to Hq USAF, Washington D.C. to participate in USAF Research Project to develop physical and psychological standards for future selection of USAF Space Research Pilots. 24 July 1962 by authority of SO A-507, Hq. Air Proving Ground Center Maj. Skliar assigned from Elgin AFB, FL to Directorate of Operations (Hq Comd, Hq USAF, Washington D.C. with permanent duty station Los Angeles, CA 20 August 1962 Dept of the Air Force, SO AA-1677 Maj. Skliar with duty station Det 36, Western Contract management Rgn, Culver City, CA is attached to Hq. Western 31 October 1962 Dept of Air Force SO AA-2125 Maj. Skliar reliefed from duty station Det 36 (WesternContract management Region, Culver City, CA and from attachement to Hq Western Contract Management Region, AFSC, Mira Loma AFS, CA and assigned duty station WashDC. Report to Room 5A282, The Pentagon not later than 1 Nov 62. By Sec Air Force 5 Nov 62, SO AB-14032, Maj. Skliar relieved from Assignment Directorate of Ops, DCS/O, Hq USAF, WashDC effective 5 Nov 62 on which date his resignation is accepte4d by the President and he is honorably discharged from all appointments in the USAF. By Sec of the Air Force

5 Feb 1963 Bill first flew the A-12 at Groom Lake, NV. This document shows Bill flying a F-101F that day at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.

17 June 66, Memorandum for the Chief of Staff. 5 November 1962 acceptance of resignation and honorable discharge of Skliar declared void. Skliar restored to the Active List, Line of the Air Force, effective 5 November 1962. Military records of Skliar corrected to show that he was promoted to the grade of Major, Reg AF, upon completion of fourteen years promotion list service; and that he was promoted to temporary grade of Lt. Col. On 20 March 1966.

17 June 1965 Skliar ER: Recommended for promotion to higher grade by Asst DCS/Plans & Opns

30 June 1966 Dept of the Air Force, Wash. SO AB-2 Resignation and Hon Discharge effective 5 Nov 62 of Maj. Skliar revoked by Sec of the Air Force. 1 July 1966 Lt Col. Skliar now serving on extended active dy without pay is effective 1 Aug 66 entitled to pay and allowances. By Sec of Air Force

1 July 66 Dept of the AF, Washington Lt. Col Skliar awarded the aeronautical rating of CMD PLT, effective 1 July 1964

5 July 66 Dept of the AF, SO AA-938 Lt. Col. Skliar relieved from Directorate of Operations, HQ USAF and assigned HQ AF Flight Test Center, AFSC, Edwards, AFB, Calif for duty with YF12/SR71 Test Force.

29 Jul 66 Lt. Col. Skliar Duty and travel restricted in the interest of national security. Circuitous routing authorized if necessary to reach his destination without violating provisions of the USAF Foreign Clearance Guide.

29 Jul 66 Lt Col Skliar Duty and Travel Restrictions provided to Hq. AFFTC, Edwards AFB

24 August 1966 Dept of Air Force SO GB-231. Lt. Col. Skliar awarded the DFC (First Oak Leaf Cluster) for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight during the period 2 Aug 62 to 31 Jul 66. By Sec of Air Force



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