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May 7, 1941 - Nov. 26, 2010

Leland "Sarge" R. Haynes, 69, died Nov. 26, 2010, in Corvallis.

Services were held Dec. 3 at Mt. View Wesleyan Church in Aumsville. Interment was in Lacomb Cemetery.

He was born in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from South Salem High School in 1958.

He retired from the Air Force in 1980, after 20 years. He served during the Vietnam War.

Leland's service to his country, the Air Force, and the SR-71 Blackbird family did not stop when he retired and folded away his blues. Leland purchased an old Commodore 64 computer and challenged the cyber world where he became a master webmaster dedicated to recording for history the legacies of the men and women who served their country maintaining and flying the SR-71 Blackbird. 2005

Leland retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant. He served on the Blackbird from 1969 to 1974, serving for five years in the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (SAC) at Beale Air Force Base in Marysville, California. His job was to maintain, inspect, launch and recover the SR-71 Blackbird. From the moment he found out he was to be assigned to the secret Blackbird, to the day he left the organization, it was a love affair to last a lifetime. To Leland, each and every launch was a sight to behold. The awesome fact that he was about to launch the worlds fastest air-breathing and highest flying aircraft in the world redefined, to him, the meaning of responsibility.

As his tenure with the 9th SRW was about to end, Leland was informed that his plane, Article 64-17972 was to make a New York to London speed record attempt. He arrived in Farnborough, England in August of 1974, to receive the aircraft as it landed. To end his distinguished career in the USAF on this note was about as high a recognition possible for a job well done.

Leland didn't stop with just the Air Force's SR-71 -ì he adopted the CIA A-12 Blackbird family that preceded the SR-71, working with the Roadrunner staff and webmaster to record their legacy as well. It was common at both the A-12 Roadrunners and the SR-71 HABU reunions to see both of the organization‚Äôs webmasters, Leland and Roadrunner webmaster T.D. Barnes sitting side by side to show the presentation that they had jointly prepared for the event.

He moved to Stayton in 1980, and to Lebanon in 1999.

He owned and operated Sarge's gun shop in Stayton from 1983 to 1998, and was a gunsmith. He taught hunter safety courses.

Mr. Haynes became a webmaster in 1995.

He was a lifetime member of the VFW and helped found the Stayton Post No. 5638 Santiam Canyon. He was a lifetime member of the NRA, and a member of the Blackbird Association and the Roadrunners Association.

Mr. Haynes married Diane Herder on Dec. 26, 1964, in Albany.

He is survived by his wife Diane of Lebanon; daughter and son-in-law Debbie and Ken Love-Wagner of Keizer; son Carl L.Haynes of Lebanon; brothers Carl E. Haynes, Ron McFadden and Roger McFadden; sisters Sue McFadden, Carla Berrier and Margie Porter; and six grandchildren.

Tribute by David Dempster, SR-71 RSO

Tribute by T.D. Barnes, Director NVAHOF