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Major duties: Directing Engineering Studies and evaluations of very complex electronic systems and subsystems (to the component level).

Project Leader for Projects GEODE & ORLON BRIGHT, major hardware projects with the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC).

Project Leader for Project WATCHDOG, a major classified effort with a division of the U.S. Department of Justice; CLUSTER SYRUP and CLUSTER MIMIC, two Navy Intelligence engineering projects.

Technical Lead for Projects Lectern, Pinon, Paragon, Cape, Cassia, Aspen, Maple and others.


Responsible for interfacing with high-level government officials (GS 14-16, SES 2-3), and major industrial contractors regarding ongoing projects. Part of the interaction with industrial contractors was an effort to establish Industrial Partnerships with the Laboratory. In this capacity, I successfully negotiated a Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Space and ASW Divisions, Baltimore, MD.

Represented the Laboratory, the Department of Energy and a major government intelligence agency to the QIT Conference, Canberra, Australia, April 94. I participated in the presentation of a paper I coauthored with another staff member.


Coordinated all Test Activity on the Nevada Test Site (NTS), located approximately 65 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1994, there has been no underground testing of nuclear weapons. In order to understand the dynamics of aging weapons, a program of non-nuclear testing was developed. I coordinated the test activities for this program. That included all site security, as well as site activity during the tests. I also re-wrote the Test Site Manual for Hazardous Materials Handling and NTS Security. I was the MC&A Manager for the Joint Testing Operations (JTO), Nevada Test Site for the period of time I was there.

CONSULTANT/VISITING SCIENTIST: Upon retirement I was requested to continue work on a follow-up for Project Geode. This effort was to edit and to include new information that was available through classified channels to the existing report.

E G & G, Inc., Special Projects Division 2755 Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121

POSITION: SENIOR ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGIST (May 1979 -May 1981): Maintain, operate and repair highly sophisticated PAM and PCM telemetry systems.

Troubleshooting was to the component level. Other responsibilities included classified document custodian. Because of classification, the types and description of specific projects and responsibilities is not possible.


2007-2009 Lake Charles Bible College and Seminary, Lake Charles, LA, Doctor of Ministry

1993 — Fall through Spring 1995 Enrolled in Master's Program, SWBTS (Extension School). Continued through Golden Gate Theological Seminary

1986-1988 College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, BA, Management/Public Administration; GPA: 3.4

1975-1978 University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, Major: Psychology, GPA: 3.4

1966-1968 Parish Draughon College (Div of LTV, Ft Worth, Texas), AS Engineering GPA: 3.6


MISCELLANEOUS: Security Clearances Held:

DOE "Q" Granted, 10/81

DOE SCI (SI/TK/G) Granted, 19 Jan 98, 2nd Five Year Reinvestigation completed Feb 99. *

CIA Industrial SECRET Granted, 1985 —0 1/1999

CRYPTO Operations Granted, Jul 91 - 1998

NATO TS/COSMIC/ATOMAL Granted, Feb 93 —1998

DOD TS/SBI/EBI, Special Access Granted, 12 July 79 — 1981

*I worked for the Boeing Aircraft Corporation briefly in 2001-2002. My TS Clearance was activated at that time.

Publications Listing

This list gives the unclassified name of each project, the document number and author and coauthors. Sponsoring agency is given, when possible. All reports are classified SECRET, or TOP SECRET, National Security Information, unless otherwise noted. They are available at the sponsoring agency for reading to any properly cleared individual.