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Webmaster T.D. Barnes hosting Sarah Palin and Tea Party Express Showdown in Searchlight Rally on 27 March 2010.

logo Almost weekly the Atomic Testing Museum is hosting an event of interest to the atomic and aviation communities.nvahof
- Roadrunner President TD Barnes and NNSA Scientific Advisor Robert Friedrichs have formed the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame to educate the public and honor the aerospace pioneers in the state of Nevada. NVAHOF
Additional information about Area 51 can be found at:Dreamland Resorts

Roadrunner author Thomas Briggs announces the book coverrelease of his latest book:"Cash on Delivery: CIA Special Operations During the Secret War in Laos". More about the book can be seen at Thomas Briggs and on the Authors webpage.
CIA released "Official" photo of A-12 Article #128 mounted on its pylons at Langley. It is posted at: link

book coverFollow this link to read the monograph "Archangel, CIA's Supersonic A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft" by Dr. David Robarge, Ph.D., Chief Historian at CIA Link to Archangel
The link to the restricted EAA CIA store has been relocated to the members roster accessible through the Member Info section under Member Affairs of the website.
Webmaster Thornton Duard TD Barnes welcomes Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express to Searchlight, Nevada, hometown of Senator Harry Reid
Rest in Peace - Major General Robert White USAF (Retired) from Military Photos Bob Whitea href="http://area51specialprojects.com/blog_images/high_range_ops4.jpg" />Beatty radarOn March 17th 2010, Major General Robert White USAF (Retired) passed from this world. On July 17th, 1962 this aviation legend became the fifth man to earn his astronauts wings high above the continental United States by piloting an X-15 to 314,750 feet above sea level. The first man to fly a winged airframe in space to boot! A legend from times when the cutting edge makes even a lot of today's 'hi-tech' pale into the shadows.

<WEBMASTER NOTE: I had the honor and pleasure of working with Bob White on the X-15 program while I was working as a hypersonic flight support specialist at the Beatty, Nevada tracking station of the NASA High Range.

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